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Trunk kits? Large Stock? - Motorcycle


Have you just bought a motorcycle and need a motorcycle trunk or suitcase?

Choose a kit from the more than 20,000 that we have in stock.

If it is the first time that you are going to put a trunk or suitcase on your motorcycle, in our online store we give you the option of buying different types of kits from among all the ones we sell.

1st option

Packs that come composed of a trunk or motorcycle suitcase (to choose between different capacities), fixing kit and accessories that can be one or more of the following: inner bag, brake light, backrest, upper grill, tank bag.

2nd option

If what you need is more space because you are one of those who travel a lot with the motorcycle, we recommend our CASE KITS or Side saddlebags, trunk, supports and tank bag to store small things, they are much more complete than the previous ones because your motorcycle will be fully equipped and ready to take a tourist trip.

There are 23746 products.